An introduction to our caravan theft alerts system

An introduction to our caravan theft alerts system

Thanks to stricter demands from insurers and work from the caravan industry, thefts of caravans are much rarer than they were ten years ago. However, while the statistics regarding caravan thefts are encouraging, it is disappointing to see that few of these caravans are actually recovered. In fact research by Club Care Insurance shows that only 3% of caravans stolen in 2011 were recovered by police.

If you are unlucky enough to have your caravan stolen it is an upsetting time, so this website wants to do all it can to help you get it back. Our new tool aims to increase the recovery rate for stolen caravans and return them to their rightful owners.

Latest reported caravan thefts

  1. Bailey Pegasus Gt65 Ancona 2014

    Stolen from: Countesthorpe

    on the 15 Apr 2015

  2. Elddis Advantage 505 2002

    Stolen from: Stafford

    on the 11 Apr 2015

  3. Reward offered
    Lunar Ultima1 2007

    Stolen from: Banbury

    on the 08 Apr 2015

  4. Reward offered
    Compass Rally 2004

    Stolen from: Epworth Low Burnham

    on the 06 Apr 2015

How caravan theft alerts work

  1. Register


    List your stolen caravan’s details on our website.

  2. Report


    When someone spots your caravan they will submit information via this website, which will then be passed on to the police.

  3. Recover


    The police will follow up any strong leads to recover the caravan.

  4. Reward


    Information leading to a caravan being recovered will be rewarded wherever a reward is offered.

Caravan theft prevention advice